Welcome to Aster Guardians.

Saluting the miracle workers who save lives every day

Aster DM Healthcare is proud to announce the Aster Guardians – Global Nursing Awards. Nurses have always been the backbone of our healthcare system. As the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, these nurses stepped up to protect us. Every day, they risked their lives to stand at the front lines, keeping the rest of us safe and healthy. It is time that we respond in kind. We look forward to celebrating the hard work of these miracle workers and recognize their contribution to humanity through this award. The Awardee of Aster Guardians will be conferred with AED 1 Million and an Award that would acknowledge their exemplary service and a pioneering spirit in the area of nursing. 

The Inaugural Aster Guardians will be hosted in Dubai, on Nurses Day, 12th May 2022. The process of inviting nurses and the nomination methodology will be announced shortly.

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