Now that the submissions are closed, when will the winner be announced?

The submissions that we received are being evaluated and the winner will be announced at the award function on 12th May 2022.

Will there be public voting to select the winner?

Voting closed on 6 th May 2022, 9 pm (GST).

What time and day does the public voting close?

Voting closes on the 6th of May at 10:00 pm.

Will the voting results be announced immediately after the award function?

The public voting results won’t be announced. The winner is announced at the award event on
12th May 2022.

Where will the award function be held?

The event will be held in The Atlantis Ballroom, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai on 12 th May 2022.

Will the award function be available for public viewing?

Yes, it will be live-streamed for the general public to view on this website -

How many nurses will be awarded and recognised?

We will recognise 9 finalists, apart from the final winner.

Will there be other nurses recognised other than the winner?

Yes, apart from the final winner, the 9 finalists will also be recognised with monetary prizes and awards.

Can anyone attend the award function?

It is an invite-only event. You can live stream the event on this website - on the 12 th of May 2022.

Applications are now closed. Here are the FAQs related to the application process.
What is The Global Nursing Award?

The Global Nursing Award is to recognize and honor the phenomenal contribution of nurses to the healthcare delivery system across the world

What are the Areas of Contribution for the Award?
Sr.Area of ContributionDescription
1LeadershipRecognizes an individual registered nurse for demonstrating the highest standards of ethics and leadership in his/her daily practice and serving as an inspirational role model for others.
2Research/innovationRecognizes an individual registered nurse for achieving outstanding accomplishments in nursing research, innovation or nursing practice.
3Patient careRecognizes an individual registered nurse who provides exemplary direct patient care and contributes to the advancement of nursing practice by demonstrating a commitment to personal development
4Social/Community serviceRecognizes an individual registered nurse who contributes significantly to the betterment of the society/community
Can I submit my application in any language?

Entries must be submitted in English Language only

Can I select more than one Area of Contribution?

Yes, the candidate can select more than one area of contribution. However, the candidate must fill a separate case study section for each area of contribution selected.

Will I get an individual Award for each Area of Contribution selected?

No, only one Award shall be given irrespective of the number of Areas of Contribution selected.

Who is eligible to participate in the Awards?
  • Candidate should have a valid residency of the country from which they are applying as on September 31, 2021
  • Candidate should have a valid national identity proof issued by the Government of the country from which they are applying
  • Candidate should be a registered under the Medical/Nurse Council of the country from which they are applying
  • Candidate must have at least 2 years of experience as a Nurse in a healthcare organization as on September 30, 2021
  • Candidate must provide a letter from the institute/hospital, if employed, stating the current status and duration of employment as on September 30, 2021.
  • Candidate must provide a signed self-declaration form provided on the website, if self-employed/not employed, stating the details of his/her experience as on September 2021.
How do I enter for the Awards?
  • Candidate can apply for the Awards by completing the application form online
  • Link to fill the application form will be available on the website
  • To apply for the Awards Candidate should first go through the terms and conditions then select the area of contribution and submit the application pertaining to the same
  • Candidate can also be nominated by his/her friend/colleague/family, etc. for the Award
  • Candidate must fill the application form post the nomination to apply for the Award
How do I nominate a Nurse?
  • An individual can nominate a nurse by clicking on the website link
  • The individual must enter the mandatory details pertaining to the candidate
  • A link for application will be shared with the nominating candidate on the email id provided by the individual
  • The candidate must fill the application form to apply for the Award
Can I submit multiple applications under the Awards?

No, the Candidate can only submit one multiple application form highlighting their journey as a nurse. Candidate must select the area/s of contribution relevant to their journey.

Can I submit apply for the Award if I am not currently working as a Nurse?

Yes, candidate must submit a filled and signed self-declaration form provided on the website if they are not currently working as a Nurse.

Is it mandatory to provide supporting documents?

No, it is not mandatory to provide supporting documents for the entry. However, we recommend you to provide as much information as possible to support and strengthen your entry with relevant documents and attachments.

What happens to my application once it is submitted?

Your application Form will first be reviewed for completeness, eligibility and adherence to the application guidelines, including character limit. Incomplete and ineligible applications will be declined without further review. Applications that meet eligibility criteria will be further considered for the jury rounds.

Is there an application fee associated with the Awards?

There is no application fee associated with the Awards.

Are there any general instructions to be followed for filling the application form?

Firstly, you need to create your account, and select area/s of contribution you want to apply for. Secondly, go through the eligibility criteria and instructions for filling up the application. Thirdly, you must save your application at regular intervals while filling the application since the website may get timed out after certain intervals and you will lose your data. After submitting you can check the status of the application form by logging into your account.

How will I know that my online application has been received?

You will receive an email acknowledgement that your application has been received within 24 hrs of electronic submission.

Can I make changes to my application after it has been submitted?

Once the application form is submitted you will not be allowed to make changes, however in case there is any mandatory document not submitted or eligibility criteria not met, we will give access again to the Candidate to share the required information

Can I fill the application offline and later mail it to you?

No, the application has to be completely filled and submitted online. However, we have a save as draft option that will enable to fill the application form at your pace and submit post completion.

What is the deadline for submission of entries?

Last date for receiving completed application forms is 15th February, 2022.

What if I forget username and password?

Click on the ‘Forget Username/ Password’ and follow the steps.

When is the announcement of results?

The results will be announced on the day of the award ceremony i.e. 12th May, 2022.

How many winners will be selected

There could be one or more winners at the discretion of the jury members appointed by the awards management

Will there be one winner for each area of contribution?

No, the winner/s declared with be selected overall irrespective of the area/s of contribution selected.

How do we know if we are shortlisted and need to provide information?

Awards management will contact you in case you are shortlisted.

How do I access the terms & conditions for the Award?

The link for the Terms & Conditions has been mentioned on the home page of the website. For your reference, please click on the Terms & Conditions to access the same

How many people can fill up the form from one device?

There can be multiple applicants from one device. All you have to do is click on Apply Now each time there is a new applicant on the main page of the website. Or click on <Add new entry> on the last page of registration.

What should I do if I do not find the email verification link in my inbox?

The email verification link will be sent to the email address you have put on your personal details page. Make sure the email address is correct and then check your spam folder.

Will I have to face interviews for the award?

No, there won’t be any interviews for the award. However, you will have to answer a set of questions pertaining to your areas of contribution.

What are the documents I need to upload?
  • Highest educational qualification document
  • Medical/ nurse council registration document
  • ID proof of the country you are currently residing in
  • Employment documents as your proof of employment
What if I don’t have the details of any reference?

Drop the names of the organisations you have worked at, and their website links.

For any further clarification kindly write to us on